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Module 1: The Impeccable Job Search

In Module 1, you develop your integrated marketing plan with consistent, aligned messaging and materials. Learn how to avoid the all-too-common application mistakes that cause resumes to be screened out and opportunities to disappear into the “internet black hole of things”. Learn about company HR teams, their methods, and how to optimize the chances that your resume will be found and put into the right hands.

Module 2: Going to Market

How to take yourself to market is a life skill that allows you to take control of your own job search. This is a proactive strategy for finding the kinds of jobs where your contribution will be most effective and best appreciated, rather than subjecting yourself and your career to the internet’s job-posting-lottery and hoping for something good to happen.

Module 3: The Successful Interview

Module 3 is about interview best practices. Here, you’ll learn a solutions approach to interviewing. You’ll learn how to undertake specific company due diligence; how to prepare for each interview and what takeaways are important from each kind of interview.