Module 3: The Successful Interview

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Module 3 is about interview best practices. Here, you’ll learn a solutions approach to interviewing. You’ll learn how to undertake specific company due diligence; how to prepare for each interview and what takeaways are important from each kind of interview.

Interviewing is a complex process of mutual discovery. Learn how to influence decision-makers in advance of your interview; how to foster a high-level conversation to expose stakeholder needs and how to lead everyone to the correct conclusion about your candidacy.

This is a genuine, professional approach to interviewing that stresses preparation, not personality; solutions instead of salesmanship. Module 3 closes by providing you with an approach to late-stage interviews, negotiations, and some important, and often overlooked wisdom about leaving your current employer.

In advance of lesson 3.1, please open and be ready to review “The Interview Prep Handbook” from your Candidate Resource File. See the Materials tab for more information.