Module 2: Going to Market

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How to take yourself to market is a life skill that allows you to take control of your own job search. This is a proactive strategy for finding the kinds of jobs where your contribution will be most effective and best appreciated, rather than subjecting yourself and your career to the internet’s job-posting-lottery and hoping for something good to happen.

This module provides a step-by-step guide to effective, direct & indirect marketing outreach that gets you interviews, reveals new pathways to discovering employers’ talent needs and shows you how to uncover all of those jobs that aren’t posted online and on job boards.

In Module 2, you’ll exponentially expand the number of industries, companies, and jobs you can exploit by segmenting and targeting your employer markets. You’ll be supplied with all the tools you need to research, record, and track your job searches for the life of your career.

In advance of lesson 2.1, please open and have ready the files and links listed within the Materials tab.