Module 1: The Impeccable Job Search

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In Module 1, you develop your integrated marketing plan with consistent, aligned messaging and materials. Learn how to avoid the all-too-common application mistakes that cause resumes to be screened out and opportunities to disappear into the “internet black hole of things”. Learn about company HR teams, their methods, and how to optimize the chances that your resume will be found and put into the right hands.

In this module, you build your marketing strategy, define your Service-As-A-Product to create a distinctive personal brand you can take to market.

An effective strategy (one that gets you interviews) is built on a firm understanding of how companies predict candidate performance and assess candidate fit. You’ll not only learn how fit and performance prediction drive employer decision-making about who is chosen for an interview, but you’ll also learn how to leverage that information to help you get offers.

Before beginning lesson 1.1, please read “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters. The .pdf version of the article in your candidate resource file.

Also, watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk about Why.

In advance of lesson 1.1, please open and have ready the files and links listed within the Materials tab.