The Opus Vitae Master Class
(The Job Search MBA)

What they don’t teach in business school, is how to target and acquire high-level jobs that are commensurate with your high level of contribution. For the first time, there is a curriculum that teaches new job acquisition for mid-career and senior executives. In the final analysis, no one can mount a sustained job search for you but you. New job acquisition is a life skill to be learned and earned.

Eric Scott Britten is the President & CEO of Science Consultants, Ltd., which is an Executive, Retained Search Firm serving some of the best companies in the world, since 2001. Science Consultants, Ltd. has specialty desks in Life Sciences, Building & Construction Materials, and Manufacturing.

“So many high-level candidates are just blown away by how powerful and effective our interview prep sessions are. Senior executives tell us over and over that they wished they’d acquired these interview skills much earlier in life. So, we decided to combine our interview strategy sessions with the candidate marketing skills we’ve developed over the years to create the Opus Vitae Master Class. It’s really quite straight forward. Modules 1 & 2 optimize your chances of getting an interview. Module 3 optimizes your success in every interview. Put them together and we can offer our clients a Sustainable, Competitive Advantage in the job-search marketplace.”